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The Toolkit

Get started for free

with The Talk Toolkit

The Talk Toolkit features five free tools to help you become your child’s go-to sexual health resource:


Making Sexually Healthy Decisions: A Framework


The Golden Rules of Talking to Your Kids About Sex


Sexual Health Glossary


Sexual & Reproductive Anatomy, a printable guide


That First Convo (A Conversation Script)

The Course

Raise a sexually 

healthy child with

Reimagining The Talk™

Reimagining The Talk™ is your go-to for raising a sexually healthy child who thinks critically and makes empowered sexual decisions. This self-paced course features eight modules covering the core sexual health topics and features a signature process for talking to your child about sex. This process will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to raise a fully informed, critical thinker who makes empowered decisions. 

Inside the course you’ll get instant access to

reimagining The Talk
  • A self-paced online program with eight course modules.

  • A comprehensive program that covers core elements of sexual health.

  • Parent learning activities to help define exactly what you want to teach your child. 

  • Lifetime membership to the course content and the community. 

  • A curated list of resources to help you better understand how to raise a sexually healthy child.

  • Teaching video series to help you digest the necessary information and feel prepared to go and talk to your child about each topic. 

  • A jam packed course workbook with learning activities, reflection prompts, links to resources, conversation guides, and more.

BONUS: Conversations guides, tips, and scripts to help you navigate all of the most common sexual health topics with your child.


BONUS: Media Moments discussion prompts to start conversations around the media messages your child consumes on a regular basis.


BONUS: Personal Sexual Values Workshop  to help you outline what exactly you want to teach your child so you can go into the conversation with confidence, clarity, and purpose.


BONUS: Free printables: Sexual health glossary and sexual health and reproductive anatomy.


Discover upcoming


My online and live workshops provide parents and teachers with an opportunity to examine sexual health through a medically-accurate, comprehensive, and values-based lens, while building connections and collaborating with others. Stay tuned for updates about future workshops.

Workshop topics include (and more!):


For Teachers

  • How to teach medically-accurate, comprehensive, and inclusive sex ed
  • Teaching Porn Literacy
  • Consent 101: A Skills-Based Approach to Teaching Consent

For Parents

  • Five steps to raising a sexually healthy child
  • How to Have Open and Honest Conversation About Masturbation and Pornography in Your Home
  • The Biology Basics: The information every parent needs to know

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