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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me confidently talk to my child about sex?
There are a number of ways I can help you start talking to your child about sex with confidence, clarity, and purpose:

  • The best way to get started is by checking out The Talk Toolkit. This is a set of five tools I designed to help you become your child’s go-to sexual health resource.

  • If you’re looking for more, check out my signature course, Reimagining The Talk™. This is a self-paced course for parents who want to raise a child who thinks critically and makes empowered sexual decisions.  It provides you with a comprehensive approach for raising a sexually healthy child, with guidance and resources as you navigate sexual health conversations. Find out more here.

  • Throughout the year, I run a few in-person and online workshops on different parenting and teaching topics related to sexual health. To stay informed on these events, sign up for the Reimagining The Talk™ newsletter.

Where can I find more resources to help me talk to my child about sex?

If you haven’t already, sign up for The Talk Toolkit to five tools that simplify the process of talking to your child about sex. And be sure to check out the Resource page to find links to my favorite books, articles, fellow educators, and more!

Do you work with families and parents one-on-one?

Presently this is not a service I offer. However, be sure to connect with me (and other parents) in the Reimagining The Talk™ Facebook group if you have specific questions.

Where did the name Reimagining The Talk™ come from?
  • I’m so glad you asked! The name Reimagining The Talk™ evolved from a deep desire to help parents talk about sex with their kids in a way they never experienced growing up. The idea of reimagining how we give The Talk grew from my years of teaching Sex Ed and recognizing that The Talk isn’t just about a single conversation, and it most certainly isn’t just about sex for reproduction or even the act of sex in general.

  • My hope is that as parents reimagine how we talk about sex, we build knowledge and confidence in our ability to navigate these conversations with a medically-accurate and comprehensive approach while focusing on the specific personal sexual values we want to teach our children!
Why should I take initiative in this area rather than letting my child bring it up?

If you wait for your child to start the conversation (that is, if they ever do bring it up) you’ve missed your opportunity to control the narrative. By the time your child decides to come to you, they will have already been exposed to sexual health topics through the media, their friends, the Internet, or pornography. By taking initiative, you ensure that your child is building a medically-accurate understanding of sexual health, centered on the sexual values YOU want your child to learn.

Can’t my child just learn this at school?

The simple truth is that Sex Ed programs in school only have so much time and so many resources. If your child only learns about sex through Sex Ed, it may only be a few days over the course of their entire education. And there is only so much a child can learn in a few days. Also, because school Sex Ed programs are limited in time and resources, they tend to focus on the technical details of sex, preventing pregnancy, and STI protection. This means they don’t have time to dive into the other elements of holistic sexual health (like autonomy and consent, sexual values, sexual decision making, etc.). Also, by having conversations about sexual health with your child, you’re able to highlight your sexual values and your framework for making sexual decisions, which are not taught at school.

Is this a faith-based organization? How do I know it will align with my family’s values?

This is not a faith-based organization. However, my approach is compatible with any faith or belief system as it is centered on parents defining their sexual values and sexual decision-making framework as a guide for teaching their child about sexual health. As an educator, I do not share or promote my personal sexual values or sexual decision-making framework. Instead, I share knowledge and tools for you to define your values and determine how you make decisions. This means that any parent, no matter their belief system, will be able to use this program as a guide for promoting their personal sexual values.